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Farm Advisory System


Greece has establish a system for advising bene­ficiaries on land management and farm management (farm advisory system). That farm advisory system is operated by designated public bodies and selected private bodies.


The farm advisory system covers at least the following:

  1. obligations at farm level resulting from the statutory management requirements and the standards for good agricultural and environmental land conditions
  2. agricultural practices beneficial for the climate and the environment and maintenance of the agricultural area
  3. measures provided for in rural development programmes for farm modernisation, competitiveness building, sectorial integration, innovation and market orientation, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship
  4. requirements for efficient and sustainable water use, along with water protection
  5. use of plant protection products
  6. integrated pest management.

The farm advisory system may also cover, in particular:

  1. the promotion of farm conversion and diversification of their economic activity
  2. risk management and appropriate preventive actions to address natural disasters, catastrophic events and animal and plant diseases
  3. minimum requirements for agri-environment-climate payments beyond mandatory standards and minimum requirements for fertilisers and plant production products, also regarding organic farming
  4. information related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity and protection of water.


Access to the farm advisory system

Beneficiaries and farmers not receiving support under the CAP may use the farm advisory system on a voluntary basis. Priority is given to those farmers with the most limited access to an advisory service other than the farm advisory system. The farm advisory system ensures that beneficiaries have access to advice reflecting the specific situation of their holding.


GAIA Consulting has been certified and registered in the Register of Agriculture Consultants based on the 05.08.2021 decision of the authorized institution ELGO-DIMITRA, which is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.






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