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Promote EU farm products

The European Commission co-finances and also directly organises campaigns and events to promote EU farm products worldwide. This is carried out under the slogan “Enjoy, it’s from Europe”, which aims to raise awareness of the efforts made by European farmers to produce quality products. These promotional activities help boost their profile on EU and international markets, in line with EU promotion policy.

The European Commission co-funds campaigns to promote European agricultural products worldwide and raise awareness of EU farm products in new markets.

Promotion programmes

The EU helps the agricultural products sector to finance information and promotion campaigns. The Promotion of Agricultural Products co-funds different types of promotion initiatives for EU agri-food products at home and abroad including campaigns that:

  • Promote organic products, EU sustainable agriculture, and the role of the agri-food sector regarding the environment and climate action.
  • Highlight the high safety standards of EU agri-food products.
  • Highlight the specific features of agricultural production methods in the European Union, as well as the diverse and traditional range of products supported by EU quality schemes.
  • Raise awareness of the authenticity of those European food types protected by origin, geographical area and traditional specialities

These campaigns can include:

  • Advertising campaigns in the press, on television, radio or on the internet
  • Sales promotions
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Participation in exhibitions and fairs.

There are two types of promotion programmes:

  • SIMPLE programmes fund one or more proposing organisations from the same EU country.
  • MULTI programmes fund at least two proposing organisations from at least two EU countries OR by one or more EU-level organisations.




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